The Harmful Effects of Excess Humidity In Your Home

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has studied human exposure to air pollutants and discovered that the air inside your home, office, or school can be up to five times worse than the outside air. This can be a real health issue since we spend 80%-90% of our time indoors. Ironically, well-built buildings and high efficiency (SEER) HVAC equipment often contribute to this problem.

Indoor pollutants can originate from numerous sources, both natural and artificial. People with high sensitivities to these various elements can suffer health problems such as headaches, allergies, and even asthma.

Excess humidity is found to be a primary culprit in magnifying these health issues because dust, odor and pollen molecules are transported about the room by attaching to water vapor molecules (humidity) floating in the air. Excess humidity also contributes to mold and other pathogenic growth. So, by drying the air we can greatly improve indoor air quality and comfort, PLUS giving you the opportunity to SAVE energy. ProTEC Humidity Protection filters are simply placed within your HVAC return air and are proven effective in removing excess humidity within your building. It is not uncommon to see moisture levels reduce from about 70% down to about 40%, without using any electricity or creating waste water. Additionally, these all natural desiccant filters can easily last 10 years or more and require very little maintenance.

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