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HumiTEC Corporation helps schools, cafeterias and restaurants with over 6000 service runs annually.

Making an Impact

As parents and advocates for the proper nutrition and health of children around the world, the many symptoms of high humidity such as mold, mildew, excessive allergens and improper food safety are issues that are centrally important to us.
When the air contains too much moisture, property and resources are damaged over time at an accelerated rate. Library books and media center equipment degrade prematurely and need to be replaced sooner. Improper moisture levels in food storage areas lead to increased spoilage and exorbitant amounts of  waste are created through decay and advancing food molds.
Additionally, dust and mold spores thrive and go on to create sickness and contribute to higher absenteeism in students and staff with allergies or asthma suffering the consequences. Let us show you how proper air feels and how the lives and foods of the people within it will be improved.
Simple solutions to solve excess humidity in all areas of schools are available from HumiTEC


Talk to us about:
  • Improving Food Safety
  • Saving Money in your Child Nutrition Program
  • Reducing Energy Usage of Refrigeration and Conditioning Systems
  • Providing Safer and more Comfortable Kitchen and Cafeterias
  • Reducing HACCP Burdens
  • Lowering Maintenance Costs

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Contributing to Better Nutrition

A study by Texas Tech University found that when the humidity is lower in a school cafeteria, the children will eat more. The humidity factor in this study proved to be more important than either noise, or temperature. The ProTEC humidity management service helps create a better indoor environment by promoting better health through the reduced harmful effects of excess moisture in an internal airspace, while helping to creating an anti-mold & mildew environment.

Meeting the Standards

Because of our concern for the health of children, we have the USDA’s Child Nutrition Program at the forefront of our school operational standards when servicing schools and additionally provide much needed support to Child Nutrition Associations in the United States and abroad.