Better Health. Naturally Green Technology.

  • 100% All-Natural Solution
  • 100% Safe and Non-Toxic
  • No Chemical By-Products or Waste Water Created
  • Reduces the Environment for Molds, Mildews, and Other Allergens
  • Improves Overall Comfort and Health Indoors
Making a Positive Difference
ProTEC™ Natural Humidity Protection Panels have none of the downsides of the other methods used to remove moisture. It is a totally safe and environmentally friendly way to help remove the water vapor.

Because ProTEC™ Natural Humidity Protection works continuously to adsorb moisture and vapors, it keeps areas from becoming saturated. It improves overall comfort and health, protects against moisture damage and mold growth, and improves indoor air quality (IAQ). It conserves energy, is easy to install, has no operating cost and no waste.

Humidity is found to be a primary culprit in magnifying health issues in multiple studies because dust, odor and pollen molecules are “transported” about the room by attaching to water vapor.

Better Health and Safety Through Reduced Humidity