Green Technology. Safe.  All-Natural.

Healthy sustainable methods are at the forefront of the way HumiTEC conducts business. The minerals use in ProTEC™ panels have been used by people for many, many years. They are 100% natural and safe. If a truck load of the minerals where to have a spill, they could be simply brushed away without any harm to the environment.

Since ProTEC™ panels are re-“chargeable” / recyclable, their life-span is virtually immeasurable.

ProTEC Panels Create No Waste

While performing, our desiccant panels create no waste. The captured moisture is stored within the panels inside our purposeful blend of zeolite crystals; which have tremendous internal surface area. A single GRAM of the HumiTEC Zeolite minerals contained in the ProTEC panels can have more than 5000 square feet of surface area. An entire ProTEC Natural Humidity Protection panel can contain over 24 Million square feet of surface area to capture and holds moisture from the air!
No energy is required or waste is created to do this.

Reduce Your Energy Use

Utility companies say that you can save about 5% for every degree you can increase the thermostat. By reducing moisture in any air conditioned environment you are helping the system cool. Air conditioning systems must remove heat from the air in the form of water vapor before they can cool it. By using the ProTEC panels along with your air system, you cause it to run more efficiently and use less energy each month.

A Texas based convenience-store chain conducted an energy survey using the ProTEC™ desiccant panels in their walk-in / reach-in coolers at a single location. They discovered energy reduction benefits of 936.8 kWh in 30 days time. Scaled to all of their area stores, this company SAVES $100,000 a year simply by controlling excess humidity. Who knew?