Better Methods. Proven Results.

The information reported here summarizes actual energy studies that were performed. The same reductions in energy usage can be reasonably expected by ProTEC products of similar sizes and usages once humidity is brought under control. Humidity inside of refrigeration units are referred to as Latent Heat. It is this lagging load on the cooling system that must be reduced before it can then begin to do its work and reduce the temperature. The excess humidity that’s inside refrigerated units increases the load on the unit’s compressors. Therefore, reducing this latent heat load will cause the compressors to not run as long, or as often for cooling.

Once internal humidity is reduced, the refrigeration unit becomes much more efficient and will last longer. These example studies have proven that using ProTEC desiccant panels are a very cost-effective way to achieve this efficiency. 
A typical 10′x12′ walk-in cooler costs about $141.00 per month of energy costs to operate. A freezer the same size usually costs about $406.00 per month in energy. These studies have proven that by reducing the latent load (humidity), an operating cost reduction of approximately 18% to 28% can be achieved. Therefore, potential savings can be significant; especially when scaled across multiple units.

The solution HumiTEC Corporation provides effectively solves these problems by using 100% natural desiccants to capture excess humidity inside these refrigerated units.

Additionally, since all of our panels are rechargeable / recyclable their lifespan is really immeasurable.

ProTEC Panels Create No Waste

When used, our desiccant panels create no waste byproducts. The captured moisture is contained and held within the panels by our blend of zeolite crystals, which have a tremendous internal surface area. A single gram of the HumiTEC Zeolites can have more than 500 square meters of surface area. A single ProTEC Natural Humidity Protection panel can have over 24 million square feet of surface area to capture moisture from the air!

Reduced Energy Use

Utility companies say that you can save about 5% for every degree you can increase the thermostat. By reducing moisture in any air conditioned environment, you are reducing “latent heat”. This latent load is additional heat your system must remove in order to cool. By reducing the latent heat load the system will run more efficiently and will use less energy. This is not theory, but a proven fact.