Energy Saved. Comfort Improved.

Properly managing moisture levels of indoor air can result in significant energy savings. If the humidity in the environment is reduced, A/C units don’t use as much energy and work as often.
Raising the air temperature in a school classroom by only 2 degrees can reduce the cost of running cooling systems by as much as 22%. Combine this with the effects of lower indoor humidity levels, and occupant comfort is reached at the elevated temperatures and reduces the need for the air system to run continually.
Over the course of 30 days, a very large convenience-store chain based in Dallas, Texas conducted an energy study using ProTEC desiccant panels in their walk-in / reach-in coolers. Their results were an energy reduction of 936.8 kWh in only one month. Scaled to all of their area stores, this company saves OVER $100,000 a year simply by controlling the harmful effects of excess humidity.