Why Continue Losing Products?

Spoilage of your fruits and vegetables, and excessive trim losses, can amount to significant costs. What if you had an easy way to reduce these unnecessary losses and SAVE money? We have a simple solution! Our ProTEC Protection panels are a proven, 100% natural desiccant solution for removing excess humidity and ethylene gas inside walk-in coolers and refrigerators. Too much humidity and ethylene gas contribute to premature decay of fruits and vegetables. Additionally, excess moisture inside coolers and refrigerators is also a factor in the cross-contamination of odors, bacterial and fungal growth, excessive compressor wear-and-tear and causes energy waste.

ProTEC Protection Panel Benefits:

• Extends freshness up to 50% longer
• Reduces odor contamination
• Reduces mold and mildew growth
• Lowers temperature
• Extends compressor life
• Reduces energy drain
• Promotes product safety
• Helps meet USDA, FDA & HACCP requirements and guidelines
• Increases profits by reducing waste

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