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Keep an eye on any diagonal crack you see. Homeowners in development after development claim stucco-related problems. Signs of Stucco Siding Problems. For example, you might see exterior discoloration beneath the windows of your home, known as “stucco tears.” These tears are caused by mold and mildew. The solution to this problem is stucco remediation, … Inside the house you can check for wet carpet at the baseboard and be aware of a moldy, musty smell. The vertical cracks run all the way around at an average of about two feet apart. Inflexibility. The higher the annual rainfall, the more at risk you are for having problems. Much like the current problem unfolding in PA, the signs of internal damage because of stucco will go unseen for several years. Remediating Moisture-Damaged Stucco to Avoid Repeat Problems. Problems with stucco are more prevalent in areas with higher rainfall due to its highly moisture absorbent nature. EIFS: Exterior insulation and finishing systems were often used when creating a stucco finish. Even seams that appear to be well-sealed may eventually open up. I purchased the home ten months ago. These problems, when left unattended, grow in severity to the point that some homeowners have actually seen their walls begin to buckle. If your home is wood framed and you have larger stucco cracks, I have bad news. Then, apply ¼ inch thick scratch coat and score it with shallow, horizontal lines. In fact, stucco was widely used in ancient Greece over 1,000 years ago to create the relief designs you often see in Greek architecture and is still used today.Stucco is typically made of a mix of cement, lime, sand, and water, and is spread over the exterior of a house while still wet. The OSB sheathing had rotted away completely in these areas, exposing the framing and insulation to the elements. Stucco Problems With Wood Framed Homes. 3 Common Stucco Problems: How They Happen & How We Can Fix Them. If you’re careful and keep a close eye on your stucco, you can prevent any major problems happening. Flashing around windows helps keep moisture outside of the house, and if it isn’t installed properly, it simply won’t do that job well. With stucco cracks, it’s always best to tackle them as soon as you see them. But, like any building product, it's only as good as its application. Even though stucco is applied in several coats, it may take as little as a day or two to install. Expansion joints are supposed to prevent this, but sometimes cracks will still occur. The porosity of the Stucco will allow water to pass thru it at a very rapid rate the Elastomeric coating will stop the rate of flow between the face of the Stucco & the back side of the coating causing a small bubble. "The problem is insidious because people cannot see it until it is too late," he said. This metal lathe when wet, rusts. The builder has claimed bankruptcy. Only when damage has occurred with the signs start to appear. Seams promote water- and air-flow into a home. When stucco is done right, it can help make your home more energy efficient, fire retardant, and less susceptible to noise pollution. Tackle minor cracks when you see them, and they won’t crack further and cause more problems for you. The homes were built by various builders including the region's biggest names. Solution. First, use a pressure washer to break off all the loose plaster and minerals at the foundation. By Alan Garfinkel, Esq. They are currently still responsible for part of our development as it has not been dedicated yet to the township. Small bubble breaks now more water enters more bubbles. Stucco Problems. To finish, simply trowel on a latex stucco patch to fill the voids. Well, rusts expands metal which makes your stucco problem worse. / Published April 2017 . To stucco a house of made out of concrete or masonry, make sure the surface of the walls is roughly textured and absorbent. But if it is real stucco, it will crack as the house settles, as mine did. Stucco installation is quick, works on many different kinds of homes, and gives you greater power over the exterior decor of your house. Share. Quote; Link to post Share on other sites. Right before you apply the plaster, wet the wall to improve the suction bond and reduce the amount of water the wall absorbs from the plaster. It is prone to cracking in regions where soil shifts cause stucco homes to settle. Stucco is one of the most popular exterior finishes for homes. Traditionally, stucco has a reputation for lack of resilience. BryanS. This is the main reason why stucco siding is so prone to mold and is also the reason why many older homes in the Northeast routinely deal with stucco mold problems.. Stucco siding is made from three materials – lime, cement, and water. A stucco problem at the foundation is usually pretty easy to fix. Ai Restoration: Exterior Building Envelope Experts. Efflorescence is simply a by product of evaporating water. 5 Steps for Fixing Stucco If your house has a stucco leak, it needs to be fixed ASAP — there’s no way of getting around it. Stucco is a concrete that needs a porous surface to adhere to. Hire someone certified by one of the national construction inspection organizations. Dealing with the Problem. Or, you may also be saying that I don’t have a problem because my house does not have Dryvit, or synthetic stucco, or Exterior Insulation Finish System (often called EIFS). Solving Stucco Problems. They reorganized and are still operating. Nothing on the inside of the home is cracking. Share. A contractor discusses some of the common problems with stucco exteriors. When asked about the newer drainable EIFS, he believes it is an improvement, but for "long-term wear, a consumer is better off with brick cladding." Not so fast. 1 Here’s what you need to know in order to avoid being the next victim. Discoloration under a window is often a sign of water damaged stucco. 0 comments. Builders extended stucco right into the ground at many Florida homes that were built until about the 1990s. Whether you’ve had stucco moisture problems in the past; How much ivy covers your home’s surface; Basically, all of these risk factors come down to determining the likelihood of existing cracks in your stucco. Keep reading to learn all about fixing stucco problems or to start the conversation with our experts right now! This type of crack is most commonly found near doors and windows. Many stucco homes in Pennsylvania have begun experiencing major problems due to moisture. Tweet. Many states require that you notify the builder in writing. Wood is not porous, so, builders use a netting, also known as a metal lathe that covers the building. It is versatile because it can be applied to both concrete masonries, and to wood-frame buildings. Give the builder a chance to fix the problem. Efflorescence. Stucco house finish provides an excellent seal against rain and snow because, unlike nearly every other form on siding, it is seamless. When the stucco problem first started making headlines, it seemed that the issues could be blamed on a quick or thin application, where the stucco thickness was less than 7/8 inch. Stucco Mold Problems – Moisture Issues With Stucco Siding . Written by Chris McNamara on May 25th, 2017. 1) Stucco over wood frame - When a house is wood-stud frame, the stucco is applied in three coats over expanded wire mesh which is separated from the wall sheathing by a moisture barrier—typically Tyvek or a similar material, or roofing felt. See what The Stucco Guy (thestuccoguy) found on Pinterest, the home of the world's best ideas. Firstly, not all stucco homes are created equal, but you should absolutely not dismiss a house just because it has a stucco facade. I s your association going to pay for “Florida’s billion-dollar stucco problem”? A major problem that many homeowners with stucco homes have is efflorescence. The cost of re-stuccoing a house averages between $3 and 6$ per square foot. This amount depends on the texture of the stucco and the condition of the substrate. The majority of the stucco problems that have been reported are linked to 2-story home builds that have masonry on the first floor and a second story that is built from wood. Prepare to pay $300 to more than $600. If you find stucco problems... Have your house tested for moisture. Diagonal cracks in your stucco siding are most likely due to your house shifting and settling into place. I am concerned about a series of cracks in the stuccoed exterior surface on three sides of my newly built home. September 24, 2015 by Gavin Semrow. Apr 21, 2016 - Stucco homes look nice, but the cool siding material comes at a cost. Stucco Problems: Avoid Being The Next Victim. Stucco can cause a lot of rot on houses.. Its not the stucco itself.. Its what's behind it! Moisture testing on relatively newer stucco houses (mid 1980s - late 2000s) has become standard practice when buying a home in Minnesota, and a lot of those tests reveal problems … Stucco homes are a bit of a conundrum. If you’re interested in a stucco house for sale, have it checked out by a home inspector experienced in dealing with stucco. Dean. Painting is particularly effective for updating stucco because it doesn't require you to drill into the stucco, a process that can be difficult and may cause the stucco to crack or chip. If they’re larger or more complicated than you thought, then call in an expert to take a look at them. Houses with stucco that were built in about the mid-1980s or earlier often do not have big problems. If your house is located in an area of the country where the annual rainfall amount is moderate or higher then you may be at risk for problems in your wall assembly. Methods and materials of construction change. If you are thinking of purchasing a stucco clad house, there are a few things that you should be aware of, and some things you must consider. I have a stucco house built in 2006 and I am the original owner. If you leave it alone, the rot and mold can destroy the walls of your home. Painting stucco is one of the simplest options for remodeling exterior stucco siding.

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